Dr. Siva Sundaresan

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 1

Hi Graland!

Well, we woke up to our first morning at Mpala Research Center with plenty of bird calls- there are so many loud sounds in the morning, and some nights you would think it is the day with all the animal vocalizations.  Last night, we heard elephants.  They have been coming into camp recently, and just last week completely broke apart a solar panel used to heat the water for showers (they were comign to access water in the pipes, and are strong enough to beak them open too)..  That is something I wanted to share with you guys, how excited I ahve been this year to encounter many examples of conservation in daily life, not only here, but in the city as well.  The hotel we stayed at in Nairobi had a huge composting operation, and even a vermi-compost system (using worms to compost). 

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