Dr. Siva Sundaresan

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out in LEWA camp and school visits!

Yesterday was a really exciting day- for the first time I left the research camp and office area to see some of the reserve by car, as well as to visit two of the local schools that LEWA supports.  More on the schools later today....

For now I will start with a few of the best pictures from my first game drive yesterday....this male Grevy's posed so perfectly for us....and I thought this elephant picture really well demonstrated how big their ears are!!  Lastly, there are so many of the Crowned Cranes here- the same species we ahve a tthe Zoo.  It is so beautiful to see them fly- and when they do, they keep their legs perfectly straight behind them!


  1. I love the pictures! I am also quite anxious to hear about your visits to the schools!

    Thanks for the updates Jen,


  2. Yes, of course, I am excited to share! and now...let me get some pictures up :)

  3. Hey JB,

    I would love to see a Crowned Crane in flight. Lucky.