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Thursday, March 24, 2011

School visits

Today I did office work- so I won't post those but am so happy to say we have a completed curriculm based on hours of planning work to identify the goals of this new and exciting program!!!  Horray!  Tonight I will relax and rest at the overlook knowing Ephantus and I have completed something very important for the new center.

Yesterday though, we went to 2 schools that LEWA conservency supports financially.  It is really wonderful to see when the beneficiaries of wildlife tourism are the local communities themselves.  LEWA is such a special place because they actually have 13 local schools that they support through the fees that tourists pay to come to LEWA, as well as from their amazing fundraising efforts.     The pictures speak louder than my words- but we had a wonderful time with the kids and teachers.
The schools were both very nice, and were the largest schools I have ever seen anywhere in Africa.  One had 600 students, and the other had 800!  Here is inside the nursery class (kindergarden)

The last picture for today is a sight that inspired me so much.  Conservation behaviors/projects are common in schools.  Whether that be catching water and collecting it, or composting, or in this school (the second one we went to) they have what is known as a kitchen garden.  This school has a 2 acre garden that the students take care of.  The food that is grown is prepared and by school staff and the students eat the food that they grow for lunch- such a wonderful and progressive idea!

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